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On Demand

Archiving a Webinar in CE21

Total Credits: 1 Ewald Bucks

Systems and Software
Joe Flannigan
37 Minutes
Audio and Video
Product Type:
On Demand

Tags: LMS


This training goes through the process of taking a webinar recording and making it available to those who registered for the webinar as well as making an on-demand version available for those who want to view it after.



Joe Flannigan's Profile

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Ewald Consulting

Joe has more than 15 years of experience with Ewald Consutling, and more than 20 years experience in the fields of technology and design.

He has helped design and implement many Learning Management systems, and has also spent more than five years consulting on instructional design for clients, as well as spearheading the production of content for Ewald University.

In addition, Joe has more than 10 years experience in videography and has been a freelance photographer for the last 12 years. His production work has been shown around the globe. He has a B.A. in Strategic Communication from the University of Minnesota.